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how to leave the 21st century

friday june 13, the horseshoe (Toronto)

some band i missed

Somehow i managed to get from Massey Hall for the Lou Reed concert down to the horseshoe in 10 minutes. Don't ask i have no idea how. I completely missed one band, i have no idea who they are either. Some friends of mine showed up just after i got there, though they didnt' really stay.
Anagram were a little off? i'm not really sure because this is only the 3rd time I've seen them. It was by far the worst of their shows, but it was still really good compared to most of what i've seen. Singer Matt Mason did his usual prowlign of the front of stage area, but for the most part he was on his feet slowly stalking back and forth. Maybe it had something to do with the audience- not being used to his confrontational stage presence- but there was a wide semicircle of space that the audience was leaving him to move around instead of dancign around. I have to admit it was less interesting then that crazy showed i reviewed earlier, but i hate that idea because i happen to love the music they make, and it sounds like i only go see them play because of the spectacle. Sound wise i don't think anything was wrong- the drums still always sound buried in the mix, but the sax is such a wonderful element. Whoever the guy is, the way he plays totally reminds me of James Chance. For the first time at a show i've been to, they didnt' play a cover. Too bad they don't have any Contortions, they are probably the only band who could really do them jsutice mmusically and performance wise. 2 of the friends i met up with were totally unimpressed with anagram, and i guess i can understand that if youre sitting in the back where you can't see anything, and youre just sitting talking. Then again they didn't like Tangiers either and left to go to a Goth club instead of waiting for me or our other friend.
I've also seen Tangiers 3 times. The first time was in peterborough a few months ago, and i thought they were great. A week later was their cd release, and they were such a different band: no presence, terrible sound. I can safely say now that their performance at the release party was an aberration. Their entire set was played at a breakneck pace, and for the most part this didn't hurt the songs. They also introduced a whole bunch of new songs-maybe a third of the set- though i'm not sure if they're as strong as the ones on their album. I'll definitely keep seeing both these bands as often as i can.
i'll edit this later with links to websites
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